Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

The bowling team at Warwick High School is a group currently comprised of five varsity members and six junior varsity members. The team bowls in Section 1 in the Lancaster-Lebanon League.

Who bowls?

The following is a list of all varsity bowlers and some bowlers from junior varsity:

Name Grade Average
Crystal Connelly 11 197
Briana Ord 10 186
Alex Blanck 11 196
Justin Hammerstone 11 212
Austin Kissinger 11 210
Junior varsity
Name Grade
Chad Enck 10
Justin Pennypacker 9
Tyler Kulp 11

Who do you bowl?

Where do you bowl?

Dutch Lanes are our home lanes, but we also bowl away at Leisure Lanes, Cedar Lanes, and Clearview Lanes.

What pattern do you use?

The pattern in which oil is applied to the lane is crucial at a higher level of bowling. For all high school matches, the oil will be fresh. That is, the oil will have been applied just before the teams arrive. The only oil pattern that is permitted is a "house shot". This pattern is the one that is typically laid down on the lanes for open bowling. It varies from alley to alley, but a "house shot" will usually be fairly forgiving with errors during bowling.

What is a match?

A match in high school bowling is a series of three games. The visiting team and the home team use a total of four lanes. The first two lanes are occupied by junior varsity bowlers and occasionally backup varsity bowlers. The second two lanes are used by both varsity teams. During the three games, varsity and backup varsity players may exchange places. Then, the backup varsity bowler will bowl on the varsity lanes. Typically, this will happen if the varsity player is not bowling as well as their coach would like. Sometimes, if a junior varsity bowler is doing exceptionally well or if the varsity team easily beating the opposing team, the junior varsity bowler will exchange places with a varsity bowler just like a backup varsity player would.

How many matches are in a season?

There are twelve matches in the 2008-2009 season. We bowl six of the schools in our section twice.

How many people bowl?

A maximum of five people from each team bowl on each pair of lanes. Sometimes, schools will only have enough people to fill the varsity lanes. Then, the junior varsity lanes will have less then five people per team. It is extremely rare that the varsity teams will go without five bowlers because this usually results in a loss.

How do you win?

A school's wins are entirely dependent on the scores from varsity lanes. The junior varsity scores do not really count for anything. During a match, four points are won. One point goes to the team that has the higher single-game team total at the end of each of the three games. The fourth point goes to the team that has the higher three-game total. Because four points are won each match, a twelve-match season has 48 total points.

Alex Blanck Bowling